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Our Industry Focus

We have started a series of programs specializing in areas and regions, and we are expanding the scope of our activities to support more entrepreneurs based on the incubation know-how cultivated in the programs so far.


Supporting grassroots innovation by accelerating startup ideas into scale able business. Our focus is on Tier B & Tier C cities of India for next Internet revolution.


Nurturing ‘Made in India’ health research interventions and ensuring ground breaking technologies are brought into Indian Ecosystem for mass impact.


Nurturing generation of thought leaders with skill based curriculum. We aim to bring in assistive technology interventions to make education accessible.

Accelerating grassroots innovation via startups with our fasttrack programs

Our Partners

Access to Education

Our foundation supports over 400+ students with their fees to help them continue their studies.


Nurturing new generation of thought leaders with mindset up skill initiatives like Kidzpreneur

Innovating Health

Assisting in expansion of ‘Made in India’ Health Technology to all equal health system access to all

Supporting Grassroots Innovation

Our team works to accelerate innovation through startups at grassroots level in multiple states on India

Technology Transfers

Bringing innovative technologies in Health and education to Indian ecosystem with technology transfer arrangement.

Technology Up-gradation

We believe the scalability of any solution is possible only through technology and we focus to bring new initiatives working with stakeholders

Ecosystem Partnerships

Nurturing spread of innovation through ecosystem partnerships.

Grants for innovation

Supporting social impact innovation with grants

What we have been able to build upon

A small step in right direction is what we have been able to take, that surely goes a long way to create the impact we hope to bring. Right step in right direction is what we aim to achieve on the focus areas we are targeting viz Health, Education, Acceleration.

Our Portfolio

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